Q.What is white birch?

A.White birch is a tree that grows in Hokkaido.We produce an all-in-one gel based on white birch sap.
Q.Where can I buy it?

A.You can purchase it from our official online shop.The date it goes on sale at the official online shop will be announced on this site and through social network systems.
Q.Is there an expiration date?

A.It can be used after three years, if previously unopened. After opening, please use it as soon as possible.
Q.Can White Birch All-in-one Gel used by both sexes?

A.Yes, it can be used by both women and men.
Q.I have sensitive skin, so I’m not sure it would be appropriate for me to use these products.

A.We work hard to produce safe products and we pay careful attention to every single component in them, so that our products -- including White Birch All-in-One Gel -- can be used safely by anyone, regardless of their type of skin.
However, each person’s skin is different and reacts differently to skin care products. If you are worried about this issue, we recommend that you perform a patch test before starting to use White Birch All-in-One Gel on your skin.

(How to do a patch test)
Apply the product on the inside of your upper arm. If nothing changes in that area after two days, there will not be any problem using this product on your skin.
During the test, keep the test patch area covered with an adhesive bandage or something of that sort, to keep it from getting wet and to keep the product from rubbing off on your clothes.

Q.Can I use it in the morning and at night?

A.We recommend using it both morning and night.We believe you will find it is more effective when it is used this way.
Q.Is this made in Japan?

A.Yes, it’s manufactured at the factory in Ashibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan.